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Bitcoin has been around for years now. It exploded into the mainstream eye back in 2017, but it’s been around since around 2009.

Over the years, trading strategies and platforms have come and gone. All of them offered something in the way of trading technology, but none of them had the power that Profit Secret has.

We’ve developed a trading platform using technology the likes of which the Bitcoin landscape has never seen before, and our numbers prove it.

Profit Secret is the ultimate tool for new and experienced Bitcoin traders alike. We utilize a homegrown trading algorithm that takes the research and study out of the trading equation, meaning all you need to do is provide the funds. Our system takes care of the rest.

The Power of Profit Secret

Our unique trading software does more than just crunch some numbers. It actively monitors the Bitcoin landscape, both socially and economically, and uses that data in sophisticated equations to determine whether or not a trade is worth your while.

Do you want to know the best part about all of this? It’s completely free. Here at Profit Secret, we believe that Bitcoin belongs to everyone. It’s a technology that has given the everyman to take back their freedom from mainstream banking conglomerates.

We want everyone to experience this level of independence, so we’ve removed as many hurdles as possible to make that happen.

Our team is comprised of professionals from every walk of life, and we’ve used that expertise to develop a trading system that outclasses everything else on offer today.

Don’t believe us? Try out Profit Secret for yourself. Signing up with us is simple and quick. We can have you trading the very same day that you register for an account.

Countless Bitcoin traders have already joined the Profit Secret, and there’s a spot reserved for you, too.

The Importance of Bitcoin

The power of Profit Secret is one thing, but the importance of Bitcoin as a whole is an entirely different beast.

Bitcoin isn’t just a tool for investors to profit off it. It represents the next step in the evolution of human finances. It’s the first time in history that people have a viable alternative to the traditional bank and government-controlled currencies, and the significance of that cannot be overstated.

By investing in Bitcoin, you’re not only taking the steps necessary to secure yourself a new set of skills, but you’re also investing in the future.

There’s a reason that Bitcoin was getting so much attention back in 2017, and there’s also a reason that the banks don’t want you investing in it. The more money that people put into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the less money those banks have control over.

The influence of Bitcoin is so great that even the European Union is starting to get on board. It recently announced its intention to create its own form of digital euro cryptocurrency. If one of the major global powerhouses of the world is falling in line, then you know there’s something special here.

The Bitcoin Process

As we’ve already stated, the Bitcoin process is completely different from that of traditional currencies. Not only from a practical aspect, but from a creation aspect, as well.

Bitcoin is entirely digital, meaning the process from production to circulation is incredibly unique.

New Bitcoin units are created through a process called mining. Bitcoin miners are individuals that download Bitcoin network software onto their devices and then monitor and maintain it.

In exchange for their hardware and labor, they get paid in newly created Bitcoins.

This process is important for a number of reasons. First of all, it means that there’s no human interference. The entire process is automated and controlled by the network. There’s no single entity pulling strings and deciding how much Bitcoin to make.

This is more important when we look at the economic consequences of this decentralization. By not being mass produced, Bitcoin trades a lot more like a commodity. In practice, it has more in common with gold than it does with the dollar.

This is, in part, thanks to the fact that Bitcoin is inflation proof. Inflation happens when a country prints too much money. As a result of there being so much money in circulation, each individual note losses a phenomenal amount of value.

This can’t happen with Bitcoin, making it a much safer long-term investment.

What does that mean for you, though? Well, it means you should treat Bitcoin as a commodity instead of a currency when you trade it. Sure, you can buy things with it like a fiat currency, but you can buy things with gold, too.

You’re going to save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run if you view Bitcoin like “digital gold.”

Why Choose Profit Secret?

The Technology

The technology that Profit Secret utilizes in its trading algorithms is unlike anything used by other trading platform providers.

Our systems have been built from the ground up to guarantee the highest success rates possible.

No Charges

We want as many people as possible to use Profit Secret. To help with that, we’ve made the decision to completely do away with any additional charges or fees typically associated with trading platforms.

We don’t have any signup fees, subscription fees, commission charges, or any other hidden charges that might sting you later. You get to keep and use 100% of your deposit.

Our Community

We’ve built up a great community here at Profit Secret. Experienced and beginner traders alike use our platform, meaning there’s a wealth of experience and knowledge available to you.


We’ve got a whole lot of questions from Bitcoin traders, both experienced and new, over the years. Nobody knows everything, but there are a few bits of knowledge that beginner traders seem to want to know more than others.

We’ve compiled all of these questions down below for you to have a look at.

How do I store Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is stored using what is called digital wallets. In essence, a digital wallet is just a storage device that is capable of housing some sort of code. It can be a USB, a laptop, a phone, or anything in between.

Your Bitcoin is entirely digital. The currency is made up of encrypted code, so naturally, you need to house that code somewhere secure.

What kind of wallets are there?

There are two different types of Bitcoin digital wallets. The first type is the hot wallet. Hot wallets are defined as such because it maintains a constant internet connection.

This is beneficial for a few reasons, but most notably because it provides you with a quick and easy way to use your coin. Hot wallets are the most widely used Bitcoin wallet because of that. 

The other type of wallet you can get is called a cold wallet. As you might expect, cold wallets are the opposite of hot wallets in that there is no internet connection.

This allows them to be more secure but less convenient. There’s no risk of a data breach with cold wallets, but it’s also much more of an effort to move coins to and from them. 

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