About Us

Why Choose Profit Secret?

Profit Secret, as an idea, started out way back in 2009. There was a group of friends that all enjoyed investing in their spare time. Specifically, the group enjoyed finding niche and interesting little things to invest in, rather than putting their money in the typical places.

It just so happens that one day the group stumbled upon something called Bitcoin. Back then, Bitcoin was worth a fraction of what it is now. The group thought that it seemed interesting, so they each invested a little bit and forgot about it.

Then, 2017 rolled around. They had been keeping an eye on Bitcoin up to this point, investing little bits here and there when they felt like it. All of this was paid off when the coin seemingly exploded in value overnight.

Bitcoin Mania

This kicked off what eventually became known as Bitcoin mania. Everybody and their mother wanted a piece of the pie, and that reflected in the price. Top-level investors were investing in Bitcoin, meaning the media began to pay attention, and because the media was paying attention, the smaller traders decided to get on board.

Eventually, everybody was trading in Bitcoin. Everybody except our founding group, because they sold at this point. It was well-timed, too, because soon after, the Bitcoin bubble popped. The coin recovered, of course, but what’s more important was the newfound knowledge that the group now had at their disposal.

With all of these funds and nothing to do with them, they decided to follow up on a conversation that they had way back in 2009.

Profit Secret

The conversation that happened back in 2009 was surrounding something that eventually became known as a social trading score. It was the idea that analyzing market signals alone isn’t enough to make profitable trades.

Instead, they had the thought of what people were saying on online forums and social media was much more important in determining, whether something is going to go up or down. With the funds to make this idea a reality, the group began working on what would eventually become known as Profit Secret.

They didn’t know where to start. It was a massive undertaking that seemed impossible for the small group of friends, especially since none of them were specifically experts when it came to AI programming.They decided that they needed some help, so they set about recruiting more professionals to help with the development of Profit Secret. Programmers were the most sought-after professionals at this stage in Profit Secrets development. We needed people capable of actually building the foundation that we wanted to create the platform off of.

We got plenty of applicants but eventually narrowed it down to a handful of recruits. These guys and girls are the best at what they do, and that level of skill shows when you look at how effectively our system runs.

Building Profit Secret

With our team of programmers put together, we started putting together our trading algorithm. We knew that we wanted to play off of the social aspect of Bitcoin. We wanted an AI that could predict market trends not just off of the numbers but off of what people were saying, too.

After a lot of brainstorming, we ended up agreeing on this system. We would define various specific sets of keywords. These keywords would either be negative or positive and generally indicate the sentiment towards Bitcoin. Then, each result for these keywords, when our AI scanned a platform, would be converted into a binary figure.

This figure was then used in an equation with the more traditional numbers from the market to determine whether or not a trade is good. It took an awfully long time to actually get a prototype version of this system up and running. It was a bot with a level of sophistication not only never seen in Bitcoin trading, but in the wider world, in general. Our team was determined, though, so they pushed through the hardship. Eventually, they managed to finalize the algorithm.

While they were doing this, a smaller subsection of the team was working on developing the frontend platform. By the time this was done, the algorithm was finished too. It didn’t take too long to integrate the two together, which takes us to where we are now. Profit Secret has launched to tremendous applause. All of the hard work that the team put in to create the algorithm paid off tenfold.

We’ve already helped countless beginner, and experienced traders alike take the next step in their Bitcoin journey. Our signup process is as simple as it possibly could be. We aim to have you up and trading within a few hours of you registering your account, so don’t waste any more time.